Photos are records of life.  They are our way to pass on our history in a way words alone cannot.  Every visual element in a photo - a subject’s body language, facial expressions, the environment, motion, background elements - they all play a role in telling the story.


It seems the further away we get from that captured moment in time, the more the photo means to us.  We realize how quickly time moves, how far we’ve come from that moment, and that the photo is best ticket we have to travel back there. 

It's the times when we are not posing for the camera, and when we are in our everyday element, that the rich dynamic we share with those closest to us can be captured. 

Photographs are a timeless and priceless archive of your time together.  Let Front Page Photography be there to capture your family's unique dynamic at this season in your lives.  Together we'll document a day in your life and we'll create your personalized art - your family life as art. 

This is a Day In The Life - Documentary Family Photography